About Us

Welcome to Azento 

Hey there! I'm Sarah, the proud founder of PlushKings™. As a mum myself, I understand the challenges that come with a restless baby.

Those sleepless nights? Been there, done that!

Driven by the desire to provide a solution, I embarked on a journey to create a brand that redefines bedtime comfort and security for your little ones.

PlushKings™ isn't just about offering products; it's about crafting experiences that bring peace and tranquility to both babies and parents alike.

Our amazing team of handcrafting experts ensure the highest standards of quality and comfort. From the softest fabrics to the most intricate designs, we pay attention to every detail to guarantee that your little one sleeps like royalty.

So, wave goodbye to those sleepless nights!

With PlushKings™ by your side, you can rest assured that your baby will drift off into dreamland in the lap of luxury. Thank you for choosing us for your precious little one's bedtime needs.

We're so so grateful for our community of lovely parents! ❤️

Sweet dreams,


Founder, PlushKings™